Saturday, May 21

Weekend Deal!

This is our dinner tomorrow night. Well, quick dinner. As you may know... we're up in Corpus Christi for a family wedding and we were looking for an awesome deal to eat between the "Church" part and the "Party" part. We got a winner! (read the fine print... Online only!)

If you have a busy weekend here's an option for ya!

Thursday, May 19

Deals & Steal @ Walgreens

With my recent problems with WAG... I hadn't been in about two weeks, I was a bit nervous that my trip wasn't going to happen. I did this  adding in like 20 minutes, so I may be off a bit!

1- Oscar Mayer Lunchables Reg. 2.99, sale: 2/$3, $1.50 ea.
used 2 $1q
OOP: $1, got $1 RR
like FREE

2-gillette reg. prize $12.99, sale $9.89
foil $1.69
3must -$.89, sale $.39
USED: 3 off razor, 1off foil, 1RR
OOP: $7.12 (.39 fs), got $5 RR
(like paying 1.89 for razor/.69 for foil/overage .61 on candy)

2-scotch envi 1.99 B1G2F
finish - 3.48
Used: WAG 3.98, .74 q, $5 RR
OOP: .13, got $1.50 RR

3-Tostitos 2.49
2xpepsi .99
2x 20oz cokes $3
USED: -1.50 RR, (didn't take $1/2 20oz cokes)
OOP: 5.97, got FREE RED BOX
reg price: 32.34
used: 17.73
FOOD: $7.75
Products: 6.86

Also went to H-E-B but only bought bread (birthday party) & Ball Fruit canning mix... was on clearance for $.34! I bought 3! But here are some deals that are worth taking a look at!

smartwater $1 (got .75off)
HCF refried beans 32oz $1
HEB foil 25ft $1
HCF led quarters BBQ Seasoned chicken $1/lb
small red delicious applies 4/$1

hawaiian Tropic & Banana Boat save $2/coupon in paper (check for "B")

B3G1F Gerber Graduates Pasta pickups (coupons)
 Lots of goo combolocos!!

Sorry this is a bit unorganized... but MAMI is sick and just wants to go take a shower and rest!

Oh! and did you hear? I'm getting a coupon class together! Both local & online! Check it out on my facebook fan page:


I believe I have changed my FEED... I am totally not sure... but if you were subscribed please check if you got this feed... if not please re-subscribe! lol


Having Fun Blog Hop! + 1

Happy Thursday! Eli is 26 months today! So thought I'd throw in something special today... a new blog hop! "A Mom Having Fun!!" has this one going on... it's for Wednesday, but oh well, I'm a day late. It's actually her 18th one and all ya gotta do is follower her via GFC! Don't you hate those ones that have all those rules?!

Hubs is taking the car to work today, so I have to go walk to pick up Vet, but then again, it's been sprinkling on and off today.... so I might call my grandma to go pick her up. Then I'll probably give Eli some special treatment, maybe put some whip cream on a Graham cracker? She'll get a kick out of that, lol.

I feel in the giving mood! Does anyone love jewelry? Well, I might mention that in every post from now on, so get use to it! I have a raffle going on at my bamboopink fan page (CJR Bamboopink in Texas) go order a ticket within the next 24 hours and get it for 1/2 price! $2.50! OR want to increase your chances & save money? BUY 2 FOR $5!! Just email & send the funds (as a gift) to vetsmom_rgv at yahoo dot com!

FYI, I also have another promo going on with Mark Rep! Which you can also take advantage of! So take a look at that to!

So from now (11:18 am) till tomorrow (11:17 am) you can grab this deal!


Wednesday, May 18

CTWW - Dirty?

Change The World Wednesday is hosted by Reduce Footprints, an awesome blog that I came across through the Green Blog Hop and jumped right into the challenge. I plan to participate every week and hope to inspire and spread the word so that others can participate as well. If you participate, just leave a comment on the current challenge and you will get featured on the following weeks challenge. You can learn all about it HERE!

This weeks Challenge:

Many people change their outer clothing daily whether they are dirty or not. Doing laundry often causes extra wear and tear on the material and uses a lot of water and electricity. So this week wear your clothes until they are truly dirty. Yep ... resist the urge to change and wear those duds until they are visibly dirty or they smell.

So what do you think? Can you do it?

Until next time ...



Oh no! I actually learned this from Hubs! He wears the same pants (like many men) a few days or even weeks! Well, I helped him stay away from weeks cus that can get messy & icky. Being a SAHM 24/7 is hard work and does make you sweat especially when we have to do so much within a certain time frame! I can work up a sweat! So ever since I had babies I find myself wearing my PJ's about 65% of the day. And I wear the same PJ's a few days as well, sometimes alternating with just letting them air out. Then when I go out I will alternate those clothes to, who really notices?

So, I am up for this challenge. The jeans I'm wearing area already dirty... a few cooking stains, but I'll wear them one more day just for ya'll! lol I've always wanted to wash everyday to see how much the water bill would be.... but on second thought, no thanks! lol

So good luck with this weeks challenge, I know it will be a cinch for us, how 'bout you?

Wordless Wednesday - Be Pink!

Photos from my Bamboopink Launch Party! i rented out a location, but as many people showed up as I thought. Do not book a party during graduation season! But I had a great time and know what to expect next time!

We have great hostess rewards, so let me know if you'd like to host a trunk show, VIRTUAL TOO (thanks to skype & ustream!)

Tuesday, May 17


Don't think I need to say much.... what do you think?!

Why the change? Well, I've been wanting to do this for a long while now. I did win a whole re-do back in November I think but it never got done. But I didn't like what they did anyways... I like this one a whole lot better. Didn't take me forever, but it sure felt like it. When I had redesigned my blog last year some time it took me days to get everything the way I wanted. This time it only took me like about 4 hours... not bad, hu?!

I also have some awesome reviews, giveaways, freebies, and events coming up and I wanted my blog to look nice.... so I had some  time this morning!

**** SURPRISE**** ($10-$15 VALUE!)

Leave a comment here (must be a GFC follower) with your thoughts & suggestions on my new design!


Become a fan of my bamboopink fan page & comment HERE & then come back telling me "I'm a bamboopink FAN!" - 1 entry

Share my bamboopink page & leave ur permi link in a comment - 2 entries

Buy a raffle ticket to win a Summer Fashion Prize Pack ($5)  - 5 entries
Email or message me on facebook with ur paypal address & make payment as gift! (NO LIMIT)

Leave one comment per entry! Ends TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! (5/18)

Green Tip Tuesday -

Today I wanted to talk about Coupons! I am going to be a Extreme Couponer these last few weeks of May because I only have $40 left in my grocery budget. And I've talked about this before but I always plan my driving! So I want to keep my driving to a minimum because of gas prices as well!

Today was only one trip to the city and while I was out I stopped at CVS to grab water for Vet, she's had a cough ($1.69 - $.75 coupon) and Lady Speed Stick because mama needs some ($2.99 - $2 ECB) AND I used $3 ECB I had from last week, so I only paid like $.94 and got the $2.00 ECB! YAHOOO!

The next "outing" will be Wednesday. Hubs has the day off so he can watch the kiddos while I do my WAG shop and go to the post office. Hoping to keep my food & product total under $20! Wish me luck!

During my outings I also plan on promoting bamboopink which is an additional side job to earn some extra cash! So I will be meeting some friends at the flea market to pass out business cards as well as to my grandmother to tell her friends about it! And I have to add that I have a raffle going on! Check out my fan page to find out more information HERE.

***Freebies in my Mail ***

I have never posted any of my FREEBIES or atleast not all together. Here are some... from mailers, CVS and other blogger things. I'll try to say where I got it all FROM. I just put them all in a box and the re-stock or giveaway a bunch of items.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom
  • Latina (Email Offer from
  • Seventeen (Seventeen Online Offer)
  • Family Fun (, I think)
  • Time (
  • Produce mesh bag (love it, from Any order got this FREEBIE!) Sign up and use Referral Code: rcndsuq
  •  Missha "Nose Pore Cleaning Patch" (IDK)
  • (email sign up)
  • 2nd LINE
  • Children's Orchard Coupon Booklet (member of MomClub)
  • Stride Panties (WON)
  • P&G Mailer
  • $10 GC from Wallbangers (Royalty Rewards)
  • Purex Sample + Coupon (Facebook Giveaway)
  • 2- Free Panties @ Victoria Secret (Mailer)
  • Wool Washing Bar (FREE when I bought a wool cover @ ThreeHappy Trees)
  • Scentsy samples (Convention)
  • Crest White Strips (IDK
  • Ben & Jerry's B1G1F (Convention FREEBIE)
  • $25 Gift Certificate (WON)
  • Tomato seeds (Red Robin/Heinz Facebook Giveaway, I think)
  • AirWick Motion Sensor (FREE @ CVS with ECB & coupon!)
  • Bumpits (FREE & Walgreens with RR, my Mother's Day gift!)
  • FREE Coupon Coffee Creamer (Vocal Point)
  • EcoCover Detergent (Blogger program)
  • Panteen & Secret body spray + compact mirror (Blogger Program)
  • Lady Speed Stick (FREE with ECB + got $2 ECB!)
  • Wellness Dog food Sample + Coupons (Online Freebie)
  • Flower Clip (from Facebook giveaway)
  • Miracle Whip Freebie (Youtube Giveaway)
  • EcoCover Dishwasher tables (Mom's Meet Ambassador Program)
Ohhh, took longer than expected to write that up! Be sure to like me on Facebook... I only share FREEBIES that I sign up for or request myself and usually only items that I would need or know someone who needs it!

    Monday, May 16

    Menu Plan Monday - Homely

    OMG! How much is gas where you live? Here it hovers over $3.79 - $3.89! We haven't hit the $4.00 marks yet but this week, and the past few weeks, I am driving as little as possible. I haven't even gone to the post office. I've already decided I'm only going to take Vetty to Karate class twice this week and I'm hoping to go to WAG (Walgreens), the post office and the flea market! So I hope to stick to the menu plan this week!

    Monday:Savory Spinach n Capers Chicken with rigatoni w/garlic bread
    Tuesday: Spaghetti n Meatballs
    Wednesday: Datenight with Hubs (before the busy weekend) Use $10 GC at Wallbangers!
    Thursday: Chicken n Fideo with beans
    Friday: Breakfast for Dinner.... bacon n eggs

    Saturday & Sunday we have a wedding out of town! But hope to save some cash. I have some FREE Kids meals as well as a $25 Gift Certificate to have a nice dinner with Hubs!

    This week I'm also planning with what we have... I only have $40 for the rest of the month! I hope we can make it. Well, I'm sure we can!

    For more menu plans head on over to for more menu ideas and link up!
    ((I forgot to take an after pictures... we just gobbled it up! Total for this meal was $2.70! Actually less, because the chicken I used was from a HEB Combo Loco and got a whole bunch of other stuff for FREE!

    Sunday, May 15

    Upcoming Texas Summer Giveaway Bash


    “Everything Is Bigger In Texas?”  Right? My South Central Texas Mommy has joined forces with 10+ Texas blogs to bring you a Texas Summer Giveaway Bash you’ll never forget!

    Make sure to LIKE Texas Summer Bash on Facebook for more details coming!

    Business Owners:
    If you would like for us to host a fitting giveaway (Value $50 +), please email me at for more details!  Keep in mind this is a great way to advertise your business FREE to 10,000’s of Texans.

    What do you love about living in Texas? Where is your favorite Texas Getaway?  Do you know of any hidden treasures?

    A few sponsors we’ve round up thus far include, but not limited to Sea World San Antonio, HEB, Dr Pepper Museum, Cameron Park Zoo, Texas Country Music Museum , plus many more!

    Interesting Facts:
    -Texas is called the Lone Star State because of the state flag's design: a broad vertical blue stripe at left, centered by a single white star, with horizontal bars of white and red on the right. Red means courage, White means liberty and Blue stands for loyalty. The star has five points, one for each letter of the state's name.

    -Texas was an independent nation from 1836 to 1845. Texas is the only state to enter the United States by treaty instead of territorial annexation.

    -Six flags have flown over Texas:
    • Spanish 1519-1685
    • French 1685-1690
    • Spanish 1690-1821
    • Mexican 1821-1836
    • Republic of Texas 1836-1845
    • United States 1845-1861
    • Confederate States 1861-1865
    • United States 1865 to present

    -Texas is the country's biggest producer of oil, cattle, sheep, minerals, cotton and wool.

    -Texas is second in size only to Alaska.

    -Austin is considered the live music capital of the world.

    -Texas possesses three of the top ten most populous cities in the United States – Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

    Stay tuned for more exciting Facts and Giveaways!

    Don't miss out!  Make sure to join me on Facebook, Twitter or Subscribe!  And like Texas Summer Giveaway Bash on Facebook to learn about exciting new sponsors!  

    Want to keep up with ways to save money?
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